Ten Hottest Careers

Preparing for Your Career
Preparing for Your Career

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About the Ten Hottest Careers

Various factors - such as economic indicators and technological developments - determine which jobs are considered to be the most desirable. Each year, the publishers of U.S. News & World Report compile a list of the thirty best careers based on a variety of relevant factors. The positions that are consistently on the list, as well as those in which consistent growth is expected, may be considered to be among the ten hottest careers.

Ten Top Career Choices

If you want to go into a field that is recognized as one where growth opportunities are expected to be plentiful, you may want to select one of the following occupations. These positions are typically included on the U.S. News & World Report list and are also cited as growth occupations in the Occupational Outlook Handbook published annually by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Biomedical Equipment Technician

Advances in biomedical technology have led to the development of sophisticated equipment that is being widely adopted in healthcare and scientific research settings. This means that there will be an increasing demand for workers trained to install service, repair, and upgrade this type of high tech equipment.

2. Engineer

Regardless of specialty, engineers are in high demand. As technology continues to advance, the need for skilled engineers who can discover new and better ways of designing roads and bridges, consumer and commercial products, transportation, and other products is only likely to continue to increase.

3. Fundraiser

With competition for charitable contributions becoming increasingly steep, employment opportunities for skilled fundraising professionals are likely to continue to increase. While positions working with charitable organizations may not be among the most highly compensated positions, they can be very rewarding in other ways. Additionally, those who are consistently able to meet or exceed their fundraising goals are likely to enjoy job security and the comfort of knowing that their skills are in high demand.

4. Optometrist

As is the case with many other medical careers, optometrists are in high demand. As people age, their vision tends to change with increasing frequency. People are likely to need new glasses and contact lenses throughout their lives, so as life expectancies increase so does the need for the services of optometrists.

5. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists work with patients who are recovering from various types of illnesses and injuries, to ensure that they are able to enjoy the fullest possible recovery. With medical advances leading to increased life expectancies and innovative treatment options, the need for skilled physical therapy professionals is likely to increase.

6. Physician Assistant

A relatively new occupation in the medical field, physician's assistants handle many of the same duties as doctors. They work directly under the supervision of a Medical Doctor and handle many routine diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative medical treatments and procedures for patients. Working with a physician's assistant enables medical practices to expand their patient bases without the need to add additional M.D.s to the staff.

7. Registered Nurse

Registered nursing is consistently considered to be at the top of any list of top occupations. It's a fact that the need for nurses is greater than the supply of qualified professionals, and the need for people who have the skills and training necessary to work in this occupation can only be expected to continue to grow.

8. Surgical Technologist

Surgical technology is among the fastest growing of the allied health occupations. They provide assistance during surgical procedures, under the supervision of licensed registered nurses and medical doctors.

9. Systems Analyst

All types of businesses are reliant on information systems to meet their business operations and data management needs. Because information technology has become so integral to the operation of organizations, systems analysts careers are among the most desirable and in demand occupations.

10. Usability Experience Specialist

Individuals who work in this field specialize in making sure that websites, software applications, and technology-based devices are designed in a manner that makes it easy for end users to utilize them for their intended purposes.

Choosing the Right Career

Choosing a career is a very personal decision. While it is a good idea to select a profession that is in high demand, the fact is that there are many occupations from which to choose. It's not necessary to select a profession that is considered to be among the ten hottest careers in order to find gainful employment and to experience career success. Be sure to consider your own preferences when making a decision about what type of jobs might be right for you.

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