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About the Virginia Employment Commission

The VEC is designed to help employers, job seekers, the unemployed, veterans, and those who just need information about the labor market in Virginia to find what they're looking for. If you don't live in Virginia, it won't be of very much use to you. If you do live in Virginia, you may find the Virginia Employment Commission to be an indispensable resource.

If You Are an Employer

If you're looking for the right person to fill a position or you'd like to begin your search with a job posting, here's a place to start. You can even find out more about participating in job fairs so that you can meet candidates face-to-face right away. In addition, you can:

  • Ask for labor certification in order to hire foreign workers temporarily or permanently
  • Watch labor information shifts, like current pay for a position, unemployment rates, and more
  • Get information on additional committees that may be of service to you
  • Find out more about unemployment insurance

If You Are Job Hunting

You can look for a job with the help of the VEC website. In addition to searching on your own, you can be referred to jobs or training opportunities, and find a great match for your interests and skill set. If you've recently lost your job, you can also go under the job-seekers' tab and file and unemployment claim. You can even set up the payment for direct deposit. Are you just checking out options for new career fields? Visit the job-seeker tab to find out more about salaries, the demand for a specific career field, and training.

If You Are a Veteran

Veterans who are trying to re-enter the workforce as civilians can find special help when it comes to making the transition back to the workforce. There is a big difference between the military world and the civilian one where jobs are concerned. The Virginia Employment Commission can help veterans-especially disabled, minority, female, homeless, and culturally/economically disadvantaged veterans-find jobs, training for jobs, and even assist in making the transition from military work to a new job outside of the military. Veterans can visit either the Workforce Centers or one of the military bases in Virginia for help.

Also, if you're a veteran who is eligible for unemployment, be sure to fill the claim out on the site, too.

If You Are Unemployed

As mentioned previously, you can fill out unemployment claims on the VEC website and even go so far as to set up a direct deposit account for benefits. If you wish to file an appeal, you can search through the Precedent Decision Manual to see how cases similar to yours have gone in the past.

Besides the regular job search help and job listings, under the Unemployment section, you'll find more information about receiving Emergency Unemployment Compensation. Find out if you're eligible for up to 20 weeks of compensation benefits.

Just Need Information?

What would you like to know about the Virginia labor market? You can probably find it on the VEC website. It's set up in a user-friendly manner, with headings like Labor Market Data, Slide Shows, Publications, and Resource Library. You get a quick look at the unemployment rates of Virginia and the United States as a whole upon entering the general information section of the site.

Find out median wages per household, educational statistics by industry and area, population by area, and more. Compare several types of statistics, occupations, and more from area to area. If you need to know something about the Virginia workforce from any angle, there is a good chance you can find it here.

A Final Word

If you live in Virginia, the VEC website will be incredibly valuable when you wish to research labor statistics, search for a job, train for a new career, or hire someone for an opening at your business. You can find out more about laws, past claims and appeal results, and more. Any Virginia resident in the workforce (or hoping to become a part of the workforce)-as an employer, employee, or even lawyer, for example, can reap the benefits of this resource.

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