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Are you interested in Walgreens employment opportunities? If you go to work for this organization, you will be part of a long-respected company in the pharmacy business.

About Walgreens

Walgreens is a major employer with stores in virtually every market in the United States. The company began as a neighborhood drugstore in 1901 and has been growing strong ever since. If you want to work in the retail pharmacy industry, seeking employment with this reputable and growing company is something that you may want to consider. This company hires people for all types of job opportunities, from part-time store positions to corporate management jobs and pharmacy careers.

Career Opportunities

Walgreens employment opportunities include hourly retail work, healthcare career fields, and much more.

Hourly Positions

  • Pharmacy Technician - Assist pharmacists in filling and ringing up prescriptions.
  • Service Clerk - Assist customers at the point of sale in addition to taking care of merchandising and signage.
  • Beauty Advisor - A more specialized service clerk, work in the cosmetics department and potentially earn commissions on specific sales.
  • One-Hour Photo Specialist - Process photos using the on-site equipment.


Pharmacists are essential to the chain's core business. For those considering entering the field, educational assistance is available to current Walgreens employees, offering aid for both pre-pharmacy and pharmacy study at any accredited school. Additional assistance may be available to working in high-need areas. The pharmacy internship program is a 12-week summer experience for current students.

Retail Management

Entry-level positions include retail management intern and management trainee. Management jobs are available at the store and district level, overseeing the operations of a single store's employees, or guiding the development of an entire region.

Distribution Centers

Hourly distribution center workers ensure that the correct products reach stores so that they can make it into the hands of customers. There are also opportunities for management and human resources professionals in the chain's distribution centers.

In-Store Clinics

Take Care Health Systems operates in-store clinics in many Walgreens stores, creating opportunities for nurse practitioners and medical assistants, in addition to more general patient service positions.


Walgreens employment at the corporate level encompasses all of the positions needed to run a large company. Needed areas include financial services, marketing, administrative, and skilled trades.


Those who are skilled with computers can put their knowledge to work improving the company's technological aspects, including Walgreens.com, register operations and pharmacy fulfillment systems. The Walgreens IT summer internship program is available to computer science students those majoring in related fields.

Walgreens Health Initiatives

Walgreens Health Initiatives is a managed care network providing specialized pharmacy services to patient with chronic illnesses, home care products, mail-order pharmacy operations, and more. Employees are needed for positions in sales, purchasing, call center, and more.

Applying for Walgreens Employment

Applying for Walgreens employment is easy, with the use of the company's online job application tools.

  • Submit your zip code to find stores in your area, and apply online for hourly employment. If there is a new store coming to your area, it will appear on the site 45 days before opening.
  • Career opportunity job postings are available through the tabs for each area of specialization. Refine your search by job type then click on the link to find out more about the jobs in that area of specialization, then you can find jobs in your area.

If you're a current customer of Walgreens, why not take the next step and join the ranks of those employed by the company?

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Walgreens Employment