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Seeking self employment?

If you'd love to find a flexible part time career that lets you use your skills to help others, work at home psychic jobs may be the right choice for you.

Psychic Career Opportunities

The popularity of Medium, The Ghost Whisperer, and other similar television shows has led to a renewed public interest in psychics and others with expertise in predicting the future. If you believe you have psychic abilities and you have a solid knowledge of fortune telling practices such as astrology, numerology, and tarot readings, you may be able to earn extra money from the comfort of your own home by working as a psychic consultant.

Typically, a work at home psychic is employed as an independent contractor for a large agency. The company handles advertising and attracting new clients, while the psychic provides readings via phone, web cam, or online chat. Since most psychic hotlines are open 24 hours per day, there is a great deal of scheduling flexibility. However, psychics receive no health insurance or other traditional employment benefits.

Those who work as psychics at home must also file income taxes as self-employed professionals. This results in a higher tax liability, since you will need to pay the share of Social Security and Medicare taxes normally paid by your employer. However, it also entitles you to deduct expenses such as your computer and home office equipment from your taxable income. If you are interested in work at home psychic jobs, it's a good idea to speak to an accountant regarding how your earnings will affect your tax liability.

Finding Work at Home Psychic Jobs

Since work at home psychic jobs fall outside the standard definition of a typical career path, finding a position that fits your needs can be a time consuming process. However, the following sites can serve as a useful starting point for your search:

  • Serenity's Northern New Age hires work at home psychics to provide live web cam readings from any location in the world. Experience is needed in areas such tarot, clairvoyant readings, angel readings, astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation. Contractors are allowed to set their own hours, working around family needs or other personal commitments. Payments are made bi-weekly.
  • Circle of Stars accepts applications from people who specialize in areas such as tarot readings, astrology, horoscopes, or dream interpretation for positions as work at home psychics provide readings via phone or online chat. However, all applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Whispy is a psychic site with over 6,000 unique visitors per day. The company hires psychics, clairvoyants, astrologers, and tarot readers to work full or part time from their homes as independent contractors. They set their own schedules and get paid weekly, although professional experience in the field is necessary for your application to be considered.
  • Guiding Light Psychics is seeking psychics, counselors, and tarot readers for the company's extensive network.
  • Psychics Directory accepts applications from people who are knowledgeable tarot card readers, astrologers, numerologists, or occult specialists.

Protecting Yourself against Employment Scams

Since many people dream of the freedom and flexibility that comes with working at home, employment scams have become increasingly common. Before you accept any work at home psychic job, research the company carefully. Document all of your correspondence and think twice before agreeing to send money or personal information in exchange for a job offer.To learn more about protecting yourself from work at home employment scams, check out the following helpful resources:

Starting Your Own Psychic Business

While working as an independent contractor is the most common way to become a work at home psychic, you may also want to consider the benefits of starting your own business. Although you would need to deal with the marketing and advertising on your own, the profit potential for this type of opportunity will be much greater after you've established a strong client base.

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Work at Home Psychic Jobs