Writing Proposal for Telecommuting

Writing proposal

A writing proposal for telecommuting challenge is one that may be worth facing. Many promising careers are suitable for technological advances that make working from home possible. A well-written proposal can nudge an employer in the right direction.

Evaluating the Telecommute Possibility

Employees may be encouraged when they consider that it is more common for employers to convert an existing position into a work-at-home arrangement than it is for job seekers to find open telecommuting positions. The first step in the process is to evaluate the position's potential for work-from-home status. The nature of the job should be viable for the arrangement.

Existing Opportunities

Employees can benefit from researching their company's status on hiring telecommuters. Some may be pleasantly surprised that there is already a telecommuting program in the organization. The best place to begin the research is the company's human resource department.

Consider ways to determine whether the employer is open to the idea before taking on the writing proposal for telecommuting task. The company may be receptive if it offers flexible work options, flextime, or other programs designed to boost employee retention. Employees may also benefit from researching competitor companies to see if they offer telecommuting positions.

Creating a Strategy

The proposal should offer insight into how the telecommuting position can benefit the employer. Organize supporting information including benefits and personal work performance when outlining the proposal. The process is similar to creating a resume and preparing for an interview.

Benefits of Telecommuting

The benefits for the employee are readily recognized but there are many benefits for the employer as well. Highlighting how the arrangement can benefit the company is a very important component to creating a proposal that works. Obtaining facts and figures on outsourcing can help strengthen a plan.

Employees can incorporate statistics to back up the benefits. Companies that hire telecommuters enjoy:

  • Less absenteeism
  • Productive work time replacing commute time
  • Higher morale
  • Less employee turnover

The writing proposal for telecommuting can include supporting information including competitors that hire telecommuters and statistical information.

Work Ethic

Employees can highlight their performance history in their written proposals for telecommute status. Consider what characteristics are ideal for the arrangement. Desirable qualities of work-from-home employees include:

  • Self-discipline
  • Time management skills
  • Decisiveness
  • Motivation
  • Independence
  • Organization

Outlining these characteristics in relation to the qualities of a successful telecommuter is a great approach to developing the argument. Some resources include:

Developing a Writing Proposal for Telecommuting

The characteristics of a good telecommuter are viable starting points that can lead to a well-developed proposal. These characteristics can be highlighted as the employee outlines objectives in the telecommuting arrangement. Combining these elements with the job description is ideal.It is very important to include accountability in the presentation. Employees can begin by highlighting their proven reliability in the workplace and segue into modes of communication. Employees can offer to fax or email responsibilities and objectives on a daily basis.

Essential Elements

Essential components include the following propositions:

  • Trial period
  • Evaluation meetings
  • Specify offsite job activities
  • Communication with other employees
  • A telecommuting schedule
  • Instant messaging
  • Email, fax and telephone correspondences
  • Check-in procedure
  • Description of the workspace

Employees can paint a picture of the telecommuting arrangement. Some may benefit from creating tables and diagrams illustrating the daily routine. The employer may be receptive to a clear image of the home office environment as she mulls over the idea of creating a telecommuter position.

Oral Presentation

An oral presentation should support the written proposal. Just as interviewees should have well rehearsed answers to interview questions, employees who are pitching converting their current job to a telecommuting position should have well thought out explanations of how the arrangement is beneficial to both parties.

Clearly outlining the argument in written form is a great foundation for the telecommute interview. Employees can arm themselves with statistics, examples and a clear picture of the home office environment. These elements come together with an oral presentation that presents an effective argument and a written presentation that closes the deal.

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