Average Wage for Interior Decorator


Those with an eye for color and form may consider a career in interior decorating, but what is the average wage for interior decorators?

Factors That Impact Wages for Interior Decorator

The average wage for interior decorators is not necessarily consistent. In fact, according to the website Schools of Interior Design,"an interior decorator can currently expect to make between $20,000 and $80,000 throughout their career." A mean salary for an interior decorator is around $40,000 annually. However, many factors affect wages, including those detailed below.

Geographical Location

Decorators who work in large urban areas may make considerably more than those who work in small towns or rural areas.

Type of Work

Clients may range from residential to commercial and retail, and wages vary. Typically commercial decorators make more than those who focus on residential decor, with the exception of high-end residential.


Some interior decorators obtain a degree from a technical school or college and may start out at a higher pay rate than those who simply work their way up from a decorator's assistant. Like most jobs, the longer you work in the field and the more you build up your portfolio, the higher you will be paid for your services.

Freelance or Company

Interior decorators may be self-employed, or freelance, and charge an hourly rate for services or negotiate a contract amount for a specific job. Other interior decorators choose to work for a company, such as a a design firm, furniture store or other material manufacturer. These decorators may receive benefits such as commissions, health insurance, or a matching 401k, which weigh into their overall compensation. Freelancers, however, must cover their own business expenses as well as obtain medical insurance on their own.

Hourly or Salary

For interior decorators employed by companies, wages may vary depending on whether they are paid a salary or hourly wages. Some decorators choose to work part-time for a variety of reasons, such as to spend more time with family.

Becoming an Interior Decorator

Interior decorators don't have to pursue formal education, though it's still a smart career choice. While interior decorators perform many of the same tasks as designers, such as furniture selection and layout, paint and fabric selection as well as flooring, lighting, art and more, decorators' responsibilities generally end with surface treatments and do not involve any architectural design. A license to practice is not required. For these reasons, interior decorators typically earn lower wages than designers.

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Average Wage for Interior Decorator