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Despite tough competition from Great Britain, Italy, France and other countries around the world, the United States may just be the best country for fashion jobs. In America, job opportunities range from commercial to high-fashion and entrepreneurialism is encouraged. Seven American cities are listed in the Top Global Fashion Capitols 2010 by the Global Language Monitor - the most of any country.

Determining the Best Country for Fashion Jobs

If you think of fashion as only haute couture or high fashion, European or Asian countries could rise to the top of the fashion industry list. One of the things that makes America so appealing for fashion industry jobs is the sheer breadth and depth of fashion opportunities. Whether you enter the field as a floor attendant in a store at the mall or if you start designing your own clothing line in your apartment, the possibilities for fashion careers are practically endless. Add to that the sheer number of "outlying" fashion jobs, like fashion writing and blogging, modeling, graphic design and merchandising, and you have a huge number of jobs focused solely on determining, digesting and reviewing fashion trends. It's no wonder that the world fashion market rakes in approximately three trillion dollars each year in revenue.

Top American Fashion Cities

According to the Global Language Monitor the following American cities rank in the top 40 worldwide for fashion:

  • New York City: ranked number one in the world in 2010, regaining its title after losing a five year streak to Milan in 2009
  • Los Angeles: ranked number five in the world, largely due to the film industry's impact on the fashion world
  • Miami: ranked number eight in the world, largely due to its impact on the swimwear market
  • Las Vegas: dropped from number ten in 2009 to number 16
  • Chicago: debuted on the list in 2010 at number 37
  • Dallas: tied with Atlanta at number 40, western wear plays a big part in Dallas' emergence in fashion
  • Atlanta: tied with Dallas at number 40 worldwide

No other country in the world has as many high-ranking fashion cities as the United States, emphasizing again why America is the best country for fashion jobs.

Starting a Career in Fashion

One of the wonderful things about America is the emphasis on the American dream - the idea that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Like any other career field, fashion requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience, as well as a keen eye and a flare for creativity. Most fashion designers or high-ranking, well-respected fashion industry professionals have a good combination of education and experience within the field. Pursuing an education in family and consumer science, fashion design, textiles, fashion merchandising or fashion marketing will give you a solid base of knowledge that you can apply to your job. Similarly, gaining experience in a job will help you have a better hands-on understanding of the entire fashion industry. If you're just starting out, consider applying for jobs at fashion retailers. Let the store manager know that you're eager to learn the ins-and-outs of the industry, and offer to help with buying, product placement and inventory.

If you see yourself more as a fashion writer or editor at a magazine, you'll want to pursue a bachelor's degree in journalism, looking for internships at magazines or online fashion publications. In the fashion industry, who you know is as important as what you know, so the connections you make while in school will be vitally important to your long-term career.

Other Countries

If you're a born and bred American looking to travel overseas to pursue your fashion career, you may want to look at jobs in Hong Kong, China, London, England, Paris, France, Milan, Italy, Sydney, Australia, or Barcelona or Madrid, Spain. These countries and cities round out the top cities included on the Global Language Monitor's 2010 fashion list.

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Best Country for Fashion Jobs