How to Become a Supermodel


Learning how to become a supermodel and actually becoming a supermodel are two very different things. Supermodels are like billionaires - they are extremely rare. Not only do they have a body type that's highly unusual, but they've also got an "it factor" that propels them past the other models on the runway into commercials, TV shows and single-name recognition. For every Tyra, Gisele, or Adriana, there are thousands of other working models who never make it to superstar status.

How to Become a Supermodel


Unfortunately, who your mom and dad are plays a huge part toward whether you'll make it as a supermodel. Genetically, models stand out from the crowd. They're tall, lean, long-legged and small-framed, making them living, breathing coat-hangers for fashion designer's clothing. Most female models average between 5'8" and 6'0" tall, and weigh far less than the average American woman. Their bodies also have to look balanced and proportionate, so measurements often count for more than weight. Most runway models have bust, waist and hip measurements between 32 to 36 inches, 22 to 26 inches, and 33 to 35 inches, respectively.


Most models find success between the ages of 15 and 22. While many models can continue working throughout their 20s, it's rare to find a model whose career starts during that time frame. Women have to look young, unlined and fresh, so if you want to model, pursue the career early.

A Fresh Look

Again, there's not much you can do to control this, but designers and editors want a woman who has something about her that stands out and looks different. Sometimes supermodels aren't the prettiest women around, but they bring something to the table that isn't being found elsewhere.

Confidence and Humility

If your want to learn how to become a supermodel, you have to learn to balance your confidence and your humility. Every time you walk into a room, you want people to stop and look at you because you "possess" yourself completely. But, when you talk to people, you want them to think to themselves, "She is so nice!" Here's why this combination is so important: when you go on go-sees to book clients, you have to sell yourself to them as the perfect representation of their clothing line, as well someone they will want to work with. You have to prove that you'll be punctual, flexible and creative. It's not just your body and your style you're selling; it's the whole package.

Hard Work

It takes hard work and effort to get picked up by an agency, and it takes even more work and dedication to become a full-fledged supermodel. Start with the basics:

  • Compile Your Measurements: You need to know your own bust, waist and hip measurements when you consult with agencies. To figure these, use a flexible tape measure to measure around the widest point of your bust, waist and hips. Be honest - clients are booked based on whether or not their clothing samples will fit a model, and if they don't fit, you're out of a job.
  • Take a Head Shot: You don't have to get a professional photograph taken. You can just get a friend to take a head-and-shoulders photograph of you. Make sure that you take it without makeup or anything else to distract from your natural look.
  • Hit the Pavement: Either literally, or figuratively, start hitting up all the major modeling agencies in New York. You can go online and learn how to submit your information, or if you can make it to New York for a week, plan to stop by each agency for an open call. Make sure you research the agencies before you show up. Most of them schedule open calls only once a week for a certain period of time. You wouldn't want to miss the opportunity because you didn't do your work.
  • Take it Seriously: If you get picked up by an agency, and they start booking you for work and go-sees, take the job seriously. Learn the ins and outs, be a go-getter, and approach clients with a confident willingness to get the job done and to help them be successful.

Top New York Modeling Agencies

  • IMG
  • Women
  • NEXT Models New York
  • Ford
  • DNA
  • Marilyn Model Management
  • Elite
  • New York Model Management
  • Major Model Management
  • Supreme Management
  • ONE Model Management
  • Trump Management

Ready to Become a Model?

If you have the body and the confidence to be the next top model, take the risk and pursue your goal with ferocity.

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How to Become a Supermodel