Is Technology a Good Career Path? Benefits of the Industry

Published October 29, 2021
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Technology is a good career path to consider if you find it interesting and you possess or are willing to develop the necessary skills to succeed in this field. Fortunately, the field of information technology (IT) is a broad one in which there are many employment opportunities. Jobs that involve working with any kind of computer equipment, applications, or connectivity fall into this category. If you have an interest in computers and tech, a world of career opportunities awaits.

Key Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Technology

There are good reasons so many people are choosing to pursue technology as a career path, including people just entering the job market, and those seeking to change fields mid-career. If you're wondering whether an information technology career is right for you, consider a few of the many benefits a job in IT offers.

Growth Sector

When exploring career fields, demand is an important aspect to consider. Fortunately, that is not a problem in the field of information technology. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer/information technology is the fastest-growing occupation in the United States, where employment in this field is expected to grow by 13 percent between 2020 and 2030. This growth is not limited to the U.S. The field is also expanding rapidly in other parts of the world.

Low Barrier to Entry

Many IT jobs don't require much (or any) formal education or training. This is a field in which employers tend to care more about what you know how to do than how many years you spent in college. Some jobs do require degrees, but many do not. It's more common for IT employers to look for applicants who have earned recognized industry certifications, than to insist on higher education, especially for entry-level jobs.

Earning Potential

Information technology jobs tend to pay really good wages. Compensation varies quite a bit based on factors like the type of work, level of job, and geographic location. According to BLS, in 2020, the median annual earnings of workers in this field was more than $91,000 per year. This is more than double the median annual earnings of the total U.S. workforce, considered across all occupations (around $42,000).

Flexibility Potential

Because IT jobs involve technology, many of them don't require employees to work from a company location. Some IT employers do require on-site work, but many technology jobs can be performed from any location where employees have internet access and the proper equipment. Tech companies that do require on-site work often have very flexible policies and provide cool workplace perks.

Attainable Credentials

As you work in an IT job, you'll find yourself continually acquiring new skills. After all, technology is constantly evolving and changing, so people who work in the field have to keep up. As your skill set grows naturally, you'll find that more and more IT certification credentials are within your reach. You may be able to attain new credentials without having to take a lot of classes or study extensively, something that can boost your career options and earnings.

Varied Job Types & Job Mobility

There are many types of IT jobs. The skills you acquire in one job often prepare you to move to another role within the same company, or with another employer as opportunities arise. Workers in this field have job mobility, and don't often find themselves forced to stay in the same exact type of job year after year. Workers can forge paths to various new roles as they become more qualified working in IT.

Examples of Information Technology Jobs

Are you intrigued by the many benefits of pursuing IT as a career path? The next step is to start thinking about what kind of IT job interests you the most. There is a long list of careers in the computer field that's continually expanding as new technologies are introduced. Some of the most common and in-demand IT occupations include:

  • App developer
  • Computer forensics
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer support technician
  • Data analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Database developer
  • Digital designer
  • eLearning specialist
  • Hardware engineer
  • Hardware technician
  • Information designer
  • Information security specialist
  • Network engineer
  • Networking technician
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality assurance tester
  • Software developer
  • Systems analyst
  • Usability analyst
  • Video game developer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer

Some of these jobs didn't even exist a few years ago. It won't be long before there are even newer roles that will be added to the list. That's how fast this field is growing, and why there is such a high demand for people to fill IT jobs.

Is Technology the Right Path for You?

Now that you've reviewed some of the key benefits of technology as a career path and a list of in-demand jobs, it's easy to understand why so many people are pursuing technology as a career path. The real question to consider is whether technology is a good career path for you. Ultimately, you'll spend a big chunk of your life working. It's important to select an occupation that pays well and is in demand, and to choose a field that you find interesting and engaging. Only you can decide what career path is right for you.

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Is Technology a Good Career Path? Benefits of the Industry