Job Listings for English Majors

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Possible job listings for English majors can include writing and editing positions as well as a wide range of other positions. There are many career opportunities you may want to explore in different industries

English Major Job Boards

There are some job boards that specialize in jobs for English Majors. The first career that comes to mind for an English major is in some field of writing. The digital and print worlds offer a wide variety of careers. If you enjoy analyzing sentence structure and grammar, then you may want to investigate editor positions.

Assistant Editor or Editorial Assistant

It's rare that a recent graduate steps into an editor position without first gaining experience as an assistant editor. You can find assistant editor and editor positions on the following websites:


English majors may want to work in media as advertising copywriters, film, television or radio producers or communications assistants. If you're looking for a job in one of these fields, check out the following job boards:

  • Media Job Board: A great destination for media job seekers
  • Mediabistro: Offers a job board for those working with content in the media

Freelance Writer

Consider this venue carefully before you plunge into it since there are hidden stresses not found in salaried positions. If you decide to give it a try, consider looking for work on the following job boards:

  • Flexjobs: Offers various telecommuting freelance listings for a wide range of careers
  • Writer's Write: Write Jobs: Offers a search for freelance jobs and telecommuting jobs as well as a wide range of other writing jobs
  • Simplyhired: A clearinghouse for multiple job boards specific to English majors
  • Sunoasis Jobs: Job posts for various freelance writing related positions.

Journalist or Reporter

The field of journalism changes daily and encompasses many digital opportunities as well as traditional ones. You may find yourself behind a news desk at a local television station or working your way into a national news reporter position. Some reporting careers allow you to telecommute from home, offering opportunities in digital media.

Magazine Writer or Reporter

The job title for a magazine writing position depends on the genre of the magazine. If you're interested in writing about other hobbies or interests, magazine writing may be perfect for you. Search for jobs on the following websites:

  • Folio Careers: Offers a job board for magazine jobs
  • Magazine: The Association of Magazine Media and American Society of Magazine Editors job board
  • Job listings for international journalists

Professional Blogger or Social Networking Writer

These positions often require fast turnarounds and daily deadlines. Search for openings in these fields on the following job boards:

Other Jobs for English Majors

There are many other jobs appropriate for English majors. A few examples include:

  • Ghostwriter
  • Library Science
  • Novelist
  • Teaching

Career sites such as Indeed and Careerbuilder allow you to use keyword searches, making it possible to broaden your search. For best results try actual job title and for a wider sweep of various job titles, use the keyword phrase "degree in English".

Making a Choice

There are quite a few choices for anyone with a degree in English, but ultimately, your decision should reflect what you desire from a career. Once you uncover your career passion get an idea of the mean salary range for your career of choice and then find the ideal job where you can grow.

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Job Listings for English Majors