Five Ways to Prepare for Starting a New Job

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Are you switching careers or maybe just switching positions in your existing company? If so, discover ways to prepare yourself for a new job so you are not stressed for the big day.

Five Tips to Prepare

A new job can be very exciting but can also cause some anxiety when the big day approaches. The following five tips can help you get prepared and can reduce stress.

1. Ask Questions

When accepting a position, ask what your responsibilities will be as well as any specific requirements that the company may have. You may want to check with the company's Human Resources Department or the person who hired you to find out if you need to bring any specific documents or want to discuss policies such as dress code and what time you are to arrive.

Once you are at work, feel free to ask co-workers questions such as when to take lunch, where to park and anything else you need to know. Your boss will also be a great resource and should be able to guide you in the right direction.

According to, asking questions is essential when starting a new job. They suggest asking the five Ws: who, what, when, where and why. Asking others in the office for guidance is the best way to learn the ropes. If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask. That is the only way to learn.

2. Review Materials

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Be familiar with your new job. Did you get materials at the interview or when you were hired that you can look over? You were probably given those so you are familiar with the company and your specific position. You may also want to check out the company's website and get acquainted with it.

3. Track Time

Know before you start your job how long your commute will be and if you need to find parking or take mass transit to your job. You can check bus or train schedules in advance and scope out the area where you will be working so you are aware of parking and anything else you need to know. Give yourself plenty of time to get to work and make sure you do not arrive late on your first day. You can easily do a test commute beforehand so you are fully prepared.

In addition, if you will be dropping off your child to daycare or school, be sure to calculate that into your commute or make necessary arrangements well in advance. You do not want any last minute surprises that can have you running late.

4. Prepare in Advance

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Don't wait until the morning to pick out your clothes or pack a lunch for your first day. Prepare for your new job the night before so you are ready to go in the morning. Lay out your clothing and pick something that you feel good wearing. You may want to wear layers in case the temperature in the office is not what you expected. A light sweater is always a great layering piece that can be coordinated with just about any outfit. Pack your work bag and lunch in advance as well.

5. Be Ready To Go

It can be hard to get a restful night sleep when you are about to start a new job. Try to relax and be rested for your big day. Get up a little earlier and eat a healthy breakfast that will give you energy to make it through the morning. Being rested and ready for your new job is essential and can help you make a great first impression. You will not want to show up looking tired or feeling hungry.

Show Your Confidence

You were hired for your new job because you were the best choice for the position. By being prepared for your new job, you can walk through the door feeling confident. Your confidence will shine through and make it obvious that you want the job and are the best person for it. Start off on the right note and feel good about it. You can prepare mentally for the job by doing the following:

  • Look in the mirror and say "I can do this!"
  • Before walking into the office, tell yourself you are ready for the job.
  • Take a deep breath and try to relax. If you begin to feel nervous, keep taking deep breaths and reassure yourself that you are well prepared.

Once you are prepared mentally, you will feel confident. Remember, it is natural to feel anxious when starting a new job. Walk in with a positive attitude and do the best you can do.

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Five Ways to Prepare for Starting a New Job