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Getting your life coach certification could quickly open up new career options. You don't necessarily need any prior training or a degree to get started, so it won't take long after you receive your life coach certification before you can begin seeing clients. When you're ready for a change, certification programs like these are a great way to jumpstart a new career.

Life Coach Certification Options

You can get your life coach certification online or in a real classroom. When it comes to online options, you can take a few different routes on your path to certification. You could choose to take online classes in your spare time, on your own schedule or you could participate in interactive meetings at specific class times. One of the perks of life coach certification is just how quickly you can complete the programs, especially when you're allowed to finish the program at your own pace. You simply take the courses and pass an exam at the end.

How Long Does It Take?

You can be a certified life coach in a matter of months. The number of clients you have after that will depend on the networking opportunities you had while in the program and how you approach marketing yourself once you finish. Most life coach training programs require about 60 credit hours. Some set the pace for you and others allow you to go at your own speed.

The Cost

The cost for a life coach certification program will vary greatly. You can purchase software and do everything online for a couple hundred dollars, or you can go to a university or complete other online programs for a few thousand. Financing may be available depending on the school. Some programs even offer a money-back guarantee, so if you aren't satisfied, you aren't out the full cost of the classes.

Find a Life Coaching Training Program

Coach Training Alliance

The Coach Training Alliance program takes six months, and organization claims that participants will have clients by the program's end. The actual coursework is delivered via software you receive once you register, but you're not entirely on your own. You'll interact with your coach and other classmates through teleconference group-mentoring and coaching sessions that allow you to coach the coach, be coached and more. The software is around $700 and there's a six-month money-back guarantee.

Life University

If you want to have a university experience and go to classes rather than taking them online, Life University in Marietta, GA, is an option. The life coaching certification is 63 hours long. This school also offers an Associate in Science in life coaching program. It includes the same 63 hours as the certification program plus 35 credit hours in core curriculum. Call the admissions office at (770) 426-2884 to learn details about pricing and enrollment.

Spencer Institute

Spencer Institute allows you to choose between an online-only certification program and a combination of online classes and a live three-day workshop. In either case, you'll take your exam online. The length of this program is anywhere from four weeks to a year. You set your own pace as you complete this 60-hour program. Depending on the program you choose, expect to spend between $800 and $1300 for the certification and materials. If you have to take the test more than once, you'll be required to pay a retest fee.

Holistic Learning Center

The Holistic Learning Center allows you to choose from the Independent Study Program and the Interactive Courses. If you have an unpredictable schedule and need to do the work in pockets of free time whenever you can find them, you'll do well to choose the Independent Study Program. However, if you think you would stay on task better if you had a set time to meet and a teacher, the Interactive Course, which meets for two hours once a week, may be best. Each program consists of three courses and results in two certifications upon completion of all three. The two certifications you'll receive are the Self Mastery Teacher Certification (CSMT) and the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification (CSLC). You'll have the CSMT after the completion of the first and second courses. Financing for this program is available. Expect to pay up to $3600 per course. If you'd like any special add-ons like the Life Coach Consultations, those will cost a few hundred dollars more.

Choose the Best Training Option

Consider your budget, your time constraints, and how soon you need to be practicing as a life coach when you consider programs. In some cases, where you live could be a factor if you're hoping to take all of your courses on campus. Weigh the pros and cons of each program and decide which one best fits your needs.

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