Printable Career Development Plan to Stay on Track

Published January 4, 2022
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Do you need to write a career plan for yourself or someone else? If you're starting from a blank page, the idea of creating a career plan can certainly seem overwhelming. Fortunately, crafting an effective career plan isn't difficult if you have a good template to use as a starting point. Whether you're an individual looking to map out your own plan, or a manager seeking a tool for employees to use, the free printable templates provided here are great resources to use.

Free Career Development Plan Templates

Writing a career plan simply involves defining goals and identifying strategies and tactics that will help you reach your goals. The printable career development plans below are easy-to-use worksheets that you can download, customize, save and print. To access the templates, just click the corresponding image. The template will open as an editable PDF document. Once the file options, click anywhere to add information. If you need help with the PDF, use this guide for Adobe printables.

Annual Career Development Plan

If you're working on a one-year career development plan, the template below is a great tool to use. It's designed to accommodate up to four career goals, but you can use additional pages if needed.

Five-Year Career Development Plan

If you're looking to go beyond just a one-year plan, use the version below. It's designed to accommodate a five-year plan for career development.

Using Both Templates Together

You may want to consider using both templates. If so, start with the five-year career development plan. Once it is completed, prepare a more detailed annual plan for the coming year. For example, your annual plan should list things like specific professional development classes you will take or cross-training opportunities you will complete. Revisit the five-year plan when it's time to come up with detailed strategies for the next year, then create a new annual plan. Continue this way for five years, making changes as needed along the way. Of course, if you alter your long-term plans, then you'll need to create a new five-year plan. After all, your plan should change as your goals evolve.

Tips for Creating Your Career Development Plan

When crafting your career development plan, be sure to express your goals clearly and in a way that can be measured. It's generally best to structure them using the SMART goals format. Consider what you want to accomplish in your current role, and whether you want to prepare to transition to a different type of job. Incorporate this information into your goals and let it guide the strategies and tactics that you decide to implement. This will help ensure that the effort you put forth toward career development will be strategically aligned with your actual goals.

Plan for Career Success

No matter where you are in your career, it's a good idea to periodically reflect on how you are progressing toward your goals. Mapping out a personalized career development plan is a great way to clearly define your goals and map out strategies that will help you reach them. Whether your company is asking you to create a career development plan, or this is something you want to do for yourself, the printable templates above will help you chart a course for reaching your goals and keep you on track to succeed in a timely manner.

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Printable Career Development Plan to Stay on Track