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Careers in Woodworking Sales

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You don't have to know how to create works of art out of wood using a set of tools to score one of the careers in woodworking sales. If you're interested in the woodworking field but currently lack the knowledge it takes to create your own pieces, you can still get involved.

What Woodworking Sales Jobs Are Like

When you embark on one of the careers in woodworking sales, you could be working with:

  • Clients
  • Designers
  • Decorators
  • Architects
  • Other salespeople
  • Contractors

You could be helping with choosing materials, helping to find the best colors for a client's tastes, taking measurements and more.

Requirements for Careers in Woodworking Sales

First of all, most shops will look for sales experience. If you don't have any, try to play up qualities like ambition, dedication, and creativity. You'll also need to seem approachable and confident. All of these can be demonstrated during an interview and possibly land you a career in woodworking sales despite your lack of extensive sales experience.

According to Woodworking Network, you'll need the ability to form long term relationships with customers, designers, architects, and anyone else who walks through the door in order to make sales time and time again. Customers will need to feel that they can trust a woodworking salesperson, and that the salesperson truly has their best interests-not a simple sales goal-in mind.

A previous, basic understanding of woodworking is also a plus. Though a new employer will expect to have to acquaint you with the products once you accept the job, a background knowledge will suggest that you'll be easier to train because you'll be familiar with some of the terms used in the business. You will eventually be expected to have "expert knowledge" when you're working with clients, so with or without the pre-existing knowledge, the ability to learn quickly is a must.

If you are comfortable crafting your own items from wood, you may be able to combine your experience and sales goals into a management position in a woodworking company. As a sales associate, however, it is unlikely that you'll be expected to perform any of the assembly.

Other requirements may include:

  • The ability to accurately measure spaces to ensure a perfect fit
  • Customer service skills
  • Confidence and communication skills involved in giving presentations
  • Understanding of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software
  • Time management skills so that you're able to schedule important meetings with architects, designers, and customers while still completing other day to day tasks required at the office
  • Ability to work well alone and with others
  • Some companies may require at least a two-year degree
  • Your own transportation

The Pay

Pay will vary based on where you live and the company for which you work. However, be prepared to go into a woodworking sales job with the salary completely or partially in your hands. Since this is a sales career, working on commission isn't out of the ordinary.

Starting Your Career

Websites like,, JuJu, and even often have woodworking sales positions listed that will help you get started on your career. However, focuses on jobs within the woodworking industry and you can post your own Seeking Employment add there for free. Resources abound for those who want to learn more about the woodworking field and associated careers at WoodWeb as well.

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Careers in Woodworking Sales