What Careers Are Available at Madison Square Garden?

Careers Available at Madison Square Garden

If you like the idea of working at Madison Sqare Garden, you'll be excited to learn there are many types of career opportunities available at (and in support of) the storied venue. Whether you're looking for part-time event work in the arena or a full-time career opportunity, there are plenty of options at "The Gardens." One (or more!) just may be right for you.

Types of Careers at Madison Square Garden

The Madison Square Garden Comany is a large operation that employs individuals in all the various capacities necessary to support event operations, including jobs directly at the well-known New York arena as well as other venues in its portfolio and back-office operations. When you view open jobs via Madison Square Garden's online career portal, you can see the various functional areas for which the company applies. This is a great way to get a sense of the career options with the organization. Functional areas include:

  • Accounting/Finance - Positions like accountant, controller, business analyst
  • Administrative/Clerical - Administrative support roles like coordinator and assistant
  • Customer Service/Support - Jobs in food services (servers, catering, food prep, etc.), security, retail sales, tour guide)
  • Engineering - Various engineering roles related to venue management, facilities, and staging
  • Human Resources - Various HR roles, including positions specific to "people practices" and employee services
  • Information Technology - Positions in technical services, interactive services, information technology services, systems technology, and project management
  • Investments - Roles related to company investments
  • Legal - Positions related to contracts, regulatory compliance, and other area of law related to business and event
  • Management - Various management and supervisory positions throughout the organization
  • Marketing - Positions related to copywriting, digital content, marketing strategy, videography
  • Marketing Partnerships - Roles focused on cultivating new business opportunities
  • Production - Positions related to putting on events like sound, set-up, etc.
  • Public Relations - Roles related to communication strategy, publicity, etc.
  • Purchasing - Positions involved in procurement and supply chain
  • Sales - opportunities to sell tickets, group packages, subscriptions, premium packages, etc.
  • Travel - Roles focused on coordinating travel arrangements
  • Venue Management - Operations management roles related to venues, such as food and beverages, security, merchandise, etc.
  • Other - Many additional roles, such as restroom attendant, bartender, ushers, warehouse workers, ticket-takers, cash control, and more

Finding Madison Square Garden Job Opportunities

The Madison Square Garden Company lists all open positions on the careers section of their website.

  1. If you want to see exactly what jobs are open related to your area of interest, just go to their career opportunities page and use the drop-down menu to limit openings by functional area. (Tip: No matter what area you search, also look in the 'Other' category, as it seems to be a catch-all,)
  2. You can also specify what location(s) (in addition to New York, they have opportunities in various parts of California and Chicago) and if you're looking for full-time or part-time.
  3. Next, click Search to see exactly which positions they are currently recruiting for.
  4. From there, you can apply for a job with Madison Square Garden.

Student Career Opportunities

The Madison Square Garden Company also has a formal program designed to expose students to get hands-on experience working with the company. Referred to as The Madison Square Garden Company Student Associate Program, this program brings in undergraduate and graduate-level college students to gain firsthand experience in specific aspects of company operations. There are opportunities across all areas of operations. Opportunities for this program are also included on the career opportunities page and have their own category within the "functional area" dropdown menu.

Varied Career Opportunities

It takes a lot of people and a wide variety of skills to run an operation like Madison Square Garden and the other enterprises that make up The Madison Square Garden Company. Whether your expertise lies in events management, sports marketing, food and beverage services, management, sales, or any other aspect of business operations, you just may find your background and the needs of this employer are closely aligned. You won't know if you don't check out what's available and apply for positions you're qualified for and that pique your interest!

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What Careers Are Available at Madison Square Garden?