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Many people may think Hollywood celebrities are completely untouchable, but it is actually possible to get in contact with movie producers if you have the right contact information and intentions, like trying to get a job in the industry. The following resources combined with a professional approach will help you make that connection.

Finding Contact Information

Finding contact information to get in touch with movie producers is not difficult as long as you don't expect to find their personal mobile numbers or home addresses. Producers' company and agency information is widely available, and this is the best way to establish contact. Try one of these two sites for reliable and up-to-date info.

IMDb and IMDbpro

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists thousand of movies. In addition to movie stats, you can also find company information. Just click on "Company Credits" to see who produced the movie. IMDb does not list contact details but once you have the company name, you can easily find its website for the address. The phone numbers you may find at the website are most likely the main phone numbers for the production company or the producer's office. You will probably get a receptionist who will take down your information and pass it along to the appropriate people.

To have a better chance of contacting movie producers, sign up for IMDbPro, which offers additional contact information. If you seek just a few addresses or phone numbers, try the free 30-day trial. A credit card is required, but you won't be charged as long as you cancel within 30 days. If you feel you need more time or the film industry is your profession, then stick with the monthly subscription for $19.99. Although it is more expensive than similar subscription services from sites like ($12.99/month), the IMDbpro database is larger by comparison.

Even though the website is geared much more toward finding the mailing addresses of celebrities for the purposes of sending them fan mail, can also be a very useful resource for finding the phone numbers or addresses associated with movie directors and producers. The database contains over 50,000 celebrity addresses, but most of these will provide contact information for their associated production company or talent agency.

Contact Information for Top Producers

These producers are some of the biggest names in Hollywood. This list includes their production companies or talent agencies along with the main contact information for the companies.

  • Jerry Bruckheimer
    Jerry Bruckheimer Films
    (310) 664-6260 (Care of Todd Feldman, Creative Artists Agency)
  • James Cameron
    Cameron Pace Group
    (818) 565-0005 (Care of Beth Swofford, Creative Artists Agency)

  • Peter Jackson
    Weta Digital Ltd.
    +644 380 9080 (New Zealand) (Care of Carol Marshall Public Relations)
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg
    DreamWorks Studios
    (818) 695-5000
  • Kathleen Kennedy
    Creative Artists Agency
    (424) 288-2000
  • Martin Scorsese
    Sikelia Productions
    (212) 906-8800
  • Ridley Scott
    Scott Free Productions, Inc. (RSA Films)
    (310) 659-1577 (Care of George Freeman, William Morris Endeavor)
  • Steven Spielberg
    Amblin Entertainment
    (818( 733-7000 (Care of Risa Gertner, Creative Artists Agency)
  • Quentin Tarantino
    William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
    (310) 285-9000 (Care of Mike Simpson, William Morris Endeavor)


No matter what your reason is to contact these movie-making professionals, basic etiquette should always be followed, especially if you're trying to find a job somewhere in the industry.

  • Whether you are calling or sending a letter, be brief. State who you are and the reason for the call or letter. Don't go into a long story about your life or how you've dreamed of talking to them. Everyone likes flattery, but insincerity and monotony is easy to detect.
  • It's okay to follow-up. If you called or e-mailed the producer, a good time frame is to wait one week to do a follow-up. Do not follow-up on the weekends. Call or e-mail during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. If you've sent a letter with no response, then two to three weeks is a good time to wait before sending another letter.
  • Above all, be professional and polite. Whether you're speaking with a producer or one of his assistants always treat each person with respect.

Keep in mind that producers in general are very busy, even more so if they are well-known. If you don't get a response to your inquiry understand that it's nothing personal.

Be Willing to Work With Agents and Assistants

When it comes to producers and other celebrities, it can be very challenging to get in contact with the actual person of interest. It is typically much easier to correspond with their agents, representatives, and executive assistants. These people effectively work as gatekeepers. The movie business is notoriously one of the most challenging to crack, so you'll need to be persistent and motivated to keep trying.

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