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If you have strong academic skills and are looking for a way to earn money working from home, you may want to consider applying for a position working as an online tutor.

What Do Online Tutors Do?

Online tutors provide tutoring services to students seeking help with their academic studies. Rather than sitting down in-person with a pupil to provide instruction and assistance, tutors who work online work with their clients via the Internet.

Clients may be youngsters in elementary school, middle school or high school, or you may even work with college students. Tutoring services are often provided on a variety of topics, ranging from general study skills to specific subject matter areas like science, math and composition. In some cases, students may seek online tutors to help them prepare for college entrance exams or standardized tests.

Becoming an Online Tutor

In order to receive consideration for employment as an online tutor, you will need to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective tutoring services to clients in the subject areas you are interested in working in. Additionally, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have the communication and computer skills necessary to work as a tutor in an online environment.

When you apply for online tutoring jobs, you will need to provide information about your academic and professional background. While requirements vary from one company to another, most companies require a minimum of an undergraduate degree in education or the specific content area you plan to tutor. Some companies require subject-specific Master's degrees.

If a tutoring company decides to consider you for a position after reviewing your credentials, you will be asked to take one or more tests designed to identify your level of subject matter expertise and to determine the likelihood that you will be successful working as an online tutor.

If your exam scores are satisfactory and the company decides to continue considering you for employment, you will likely be asked to participate in a mock tutoring session. This will allow the company to make an informed decision about whether or not you are a good candidate for performing this type of online teaching work.

Companies that Hire Online Tutors

There are a number of companies that specialize in offering online tutoring services. If you are interested in seeking this type of employment, investigate the top companies in this field and submit your application to the ones that are most likely to have a need for someone with your skill set.

You can expect to find application information on the websites of companies that provide online tutoring services. Some of them list actual job openings while others simply provide a general overview and details about the application process.

A few companies you may want to investigate include:

Once You Are Hired

If you receive an offer to work as an online tutor, the company will quote you an hourly or per-session rate of pay. You will provide details to the company about the hours you are available to work. You will be made available to clients based on the schedule that you set, and actual tutoring sessions booked will be based on demand for tutors with your skills.

A Word of Caution

Keep in mind that you may run into scams related to online tutoring jobs when searching the Internet for open positions. No reputable employer will ever ask you to pay money to apply for a job, so keep looking if you come across a site that claims to be offering tutoring employment but asks you to pay an up-front fee or requires banking or credit card information from you. Verify that any company you are considering working with is a legitimate employer before providing personal information about yourself.

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Online Tutoring Jobs