Retail Online Job Applications

Applying Online

If you are looking for employment with a retail store, you'll need to submit a complete employment application with every company where you want to be considered for hire. While some stores allow applicants to submit paper applications, many only accept online application forms.

Employment Applications for Popular Retailers

Follow each retail employer's application requirements exactly to be sure that you are considered for available positions.

Apparel Stores

  • Abercrombie & Fitch: Apply in person at your local Abercrombie store to be considered. See the Abercrombie website for locations and opportunities.
  • Gap, Inc.: If you'd like to work at The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic or Athleta, search for open positions at Gap, Inc. Careers and apply online.
  • Victoria's Secret: Search the Victoria's Secret jobs section on the website to identify and apply for openings.

Department Stores

  • Belk: Visit the Belk Careers page to see what jobs are currently open and to submit your online employment application.
  • Dillard's: The Careers page on the Dillard's website allows you to search for open store positions. Review openings and follow instructions to apply.
  • JC Penney: View available positions and apply for them via the website.
  • Kohl's: View available positions on the Kohl's Careers website to apply. You can submit a profile for future consideration if you don't see a good fit posted at the time you look.
  • Macy's: Visit to see what positions are currently open and to submit your application form.
  • Sears: To apply for store positions with Sears, begin by creating a profile on the Sears Holdings Corporation website and submit an online application.

Mass Merchandise/Warehouse Stores

  • Big Lots: Visit the store in your local area to apply unless you are looking for a management job. You can search and apply for management openings on the Big Lots Corporate website.
  • Costco: Visit the About Costco Employment website to submit an online application for positions with the warehouse store chain.
  • Target: The Target Careers website is where you should go to find open positions with the company and to submit your application form.
  • Walmart and Sam's Club: Visit website to find openings and application information for work with the retail giant.

Home Improvement Stores

  • Ace Hardware: Apply in person at your local Ace store to be considered for store employment or apply for distribution center jobs on the corporate website.
  • Lowe's: You can search for job openings with Lowe's and apply for them online via the Lowe's Corporate website.
  • The Home Depot: Visit the Home Depot Careers website to apply for openings at the store(s) where you are interested in being considered for employment.

Drug Stores

  • CVS: View openings and apply online for positions with CVS Pharmacy on the website.
  • Rite Aid: If you are interested in being considered as a store associate with Rite Aid, apply in person at the store where you want to be considered. Search by zip code and view openings for other types of jobs with the company at Rite Aid Careers.
  • Walgreens: View openings on the Walgreens Careers website and submit your application online.

Apply to Be Considered

The only way you can be considered for employment with a particular store is to submit an employment application. If there are stores where you'd like to work that aren't included in this list, simply search for the name of the store plus the word "careers" or the word "employment" to find out what type of information is provided online about the application process. If details are not available online, call or visit the local store in person and inquire about how to complete the application process.

If you submit your application online, and if the instructions don't prohibit store contact as part of the hiring process, consider following up with the manager of the store location where you hope to be considered for hire. This may give you an edge over other applicants.

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Retail Online Job Applications