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The fact that you own a business doesn't mean that you'll never need a resume again. You might need to include a resume with a business proposal for an application for membership in a professional association or award program, or you might decide that you need to look for a job.

Example Resumes for Business Owners

No matter why you need a resume, using a sample resume designed specifically for business owners is a great way to start putting together a resume of your own. The sample resume templates provided here were created with the needs of entrepreneurs in mind and can be customized for your specific circumstances.

Select the format that best meets your needs and click the image to download as a PDF that can be edited, saved and printed. See this guide for Adobe printables if you need assistance accessing or working with the files.

Sample Resume Focused on Current Business

If you need a resume to compete for a contract, apply for funding, or to be considered for an award or association membership, the sample below is a good option. It is designed to emphasize your skills, experience and qualifications in terms of how they relate to running your business.

This type of resume differs from a traditional resume format by focusing on overall career highlights and your current role as business owner rather than giving a step-by-step job history. It also doesn't need a specific objective statement, as this type of resume is usually attached to a proposal or application form.

business owner resume template
Download a current business-focused resume template.

Sample Resume for Job-Seeking Business Owners

If you are transitioning from running your own business to the job market, the example sample resume below may be a good choice for you. It's similar to a more traditional format, with a detailed professional experience section that lists information about your previous jobs in reverse chronological order.

The objective statement makes it clear that you are seeking employment and the first section is a professional profile that details skills and accomplishments while also emphasizing your entrepreneurial background. Additional information should be added as relevant.

business owner job seeker resume
Download a sample job-seeker resume for an entrepreneur.

Highlight Your Expertise

As a current or former business owner, your resume needs are not the same as someone who doesn't have entrepreneurial experience. Rather than trying to adjust a traditional resume format to meet your needs, you might find it easiest to begin with one of these sample documents that has been pre-formatted in a manner appropriate for someone in your background.

Of course, you may also want to consider other format options. If you are looking for a more traditional format, you may find this Microsoft Word resume template to be helpful. Whatever type of resume you choose, hone in on those aspects of your back ground that really make you stand out.

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Sample Business Owner Resumes