Working at Cedar Point

Cedar Point has thousands of employees; you could be one!

Working at Cedar Point may seem like a dream job for any roller coaster enthusiast, but it is also a demanding summer job that gives employees valuable work experience in a unique and exciting location.

Getting Hired

Applications for Cedar Point are available each winter and the park begins hiring months before the gates open. Applications are available online or through the mail by request. To increase the chances of landing a contract, applicants should fill out the application carefully and thoroughly, paying particular attention to prior job experiences, dates they are available to work (the longer, the better), and their preferred job selections.

Job Descriptions

When most people think of working at an amusement park, they only think about operating the rides. While this is a critical job, there are dozens of other positions that need to be filled for the park to operate smoothly. Applicants willing to work any available job have the greatest chance of being hired.

Some of the most popular departments include:

  • Rides: These employees run the different ride locations, from the kiddie rides to the roller coasters. Employees are assigned to a specific ride and do not rotate between major rides, though many smaller rides are cross-trained to ensure adequate staffing.
  • Merchandise: These employees are the stockers and cashiers at souvenir shops, small souvenir carts, and ride photo locations.
  • Games: Employees who work in games are responsible for attracting guests to their games, collecting money, and distributing prizes to the winners.
  • Food Services: These employees cook and clean the restaurants and food stands as well as keep them well stocked even during the busiest days.
  • Sweeps: These employees roam the midways with brooms and dustpans to collect litter and keep the park clean. Other trash collection employees are responsible for emptying the park's hundreds of trash cans.
  • Resorts: The hotels at Cedar Point require housekeepers, bellhops, reservations clerks and other employees to give guests a good night's sleep.
  • Soak City: Trained lifeguards are always on call at the pools, waterslides, and other aquatic attractions in the water park.
  • Entertainment: From queue DJs to talented performers to the behind-the-scenes tech crew, hundreds of employees are necessary to keep the park's shows running smoothly.
  • Parking: Armed with reflective vests and whistles, these employees keep the flow of traffic in the parking lots safe and efficient.

Many other employees are hired for smaller divisions, including maintenance, landscaping, crafts, security, medical services, and more. Different positions may require special training or experience, and those qualifications are noted on the application.

Employee Life

Once a new employee finds themselves with a contract in hand, they may wonder what life is like working at Cedar Point.


Basic training for everyone working at Cedar Point includes presentations about guest service, resolving conflicts, sexual harassment, and other workplace issues. Specialized training teaches employees their individual duties, from the safety mechanisms of their ride to where to turn in their cash at the end of the shift to the choreography of the latest midway show. Some basic training may be completed online, and all employees must have completed training checklists on file with their department office.


Hundreds of employees live in the park's employee housing units. There are several types of accommodations available on a space permitting basis. All housing is multiple occupancy, and rent is automatically deducted from employees' paychecks.

Housing options include:

  • On Point Dormitories: These dorms are open from early June through Labor Day and are the least expensive option. Residents have from one to three roommates. Many employees without cars or who prefer to be closer to work choose these dorms.
  • Off Point Dormitories: These dorms are newer buildings and feature air conditioning and cable access. The cost is slightly higher and employees must either drive to work or take the employee bus that runs a regular route between the park and the housing units. Each room accommodates between three and four employees.
  • Off Point Apartments: These apartments house from eight to twelve employees each and include several bedrooms, a common living area, and a kitchen as well as air conditioning. These are the most expensive housing option but because of the conveniences usually fill up quickly.


Depending on the park's hours, employees may work from 8 to 14 hour shifts or longer. Regular breaks are scheduled, and shift hours can vary dramatically. One day an employee may be at the park before it opens but leave in the early afternoon, while another day they may not report until later in the day but will stay until after the park is closed.


Pay rates for different jobs vary but all are above minimum wage. Working from 50 to 70 hours per week, earnings add up quickly and employees are paid weekly. Checks can be cashed at the park or employees can sign up for a direct deposit program with a local bank.


A number of special employee events are held every summer, including exclusive ride nights, movie nights, and day trips to other local attractions. In mid-August, the Big Bash party is the highlight of the summer featuring free food, games, and prizes to celebrate another great season made possible by great employees.

Working at Cedar Point is an experience unlike any other. The park employs more than 3,000 seasonal workers and through their exhaustive efforts, it can offer amazing experiences to guests from May through October. Being on the park's payroll is not like being a guest, but employees are privileged to be a part of it nonetheless.


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Working at Cedar Point