Write a Letter of Interest for a Teaching Position to Get Noticed

Published November 9, 2021

When you're looking for a new teaching position, it's a good idea to proactively reach out to principals at the schools where you'd most like to work, and ask to be considered. This will help you get your name and resume in front of key decision-makers before they list upcoming job openings as available. Doing so can help make sure that you're ahead of the rest when it's time to make a hiring decision.

Letter of Interest for Teaching Positions

When writing a letter of interest, your goal should be to let the principal know that you want to teach at their school, while explaining how you would be an asset. You should specifically state that you're asking to be considered for a role at the school when one becomes available, and ask for a meeting to discuss your qualifications. The customizable template below provides a good example of how such a letter can be written. Just click the image to open, save the template, and edit to meet your needs.

Letter of Interest Template for Teachers

If you need help with the printable, check out these PDF document tips.

Letter of Interest Tips for Teachers

When writing and sending letters of interest for teaching positions, keep a few key tips in mind. This will ensure that the letter you send accomplishes your goal of standing out in a positive manner.

Complete District Application First

A letter of interest is not a substitute for completing the school district's official application process. Before you send out any letters of interest, it's important to make sure that you already have your name in the applicant pool or on the transfer list. If you are already working for the district, there may be procedures you have to follow in order to be considered for roles at schools other than the one where you work now. Complete the required process before you start reaching out to individual schools.

Verify Proper Contact at School

In most schools, the principal is the primary decision maker for hiring teachers. In some schools, assistant principals might also be included in the hiring decisions. Call each school you're interested in and ask for the name and job title of the individual who makes hiring decisions for faculty roles; then ask if there is anyone else you should reach out to in order to be considered for a job there. Address your letter to that person or those individuals.

Customize the Letter for Each School

While a template can help you streamline the letter writing process, don't send out identical letters to each school. Instead, customize the content so that each letter specifically states why you would be a good fit to teach at that particular school. After all, your goal should be to convince the recipient that they won't find anyone who is a better fit than you. This means that you'll need to do a bit of research to identify what is unique about the campuses where you would like to work, then link what you discover to your background or goals.

Include Your Resume

Update your resume so that it is current, and print it on high-quality paper. Emphasize your teaching qualifications and skills, being sure to highlight any accomplishments that will help you stand out from other applicants. Review this sample teacher resume for inspiration. Enclose a printed resume with each letter of interest that you send.

Be Prepared to Interview

The letter of interest you send should ask for a meeting with the principal to discuss how you could contribute positively to the school if hired to teach there. With that in mind, it's important to be prepared to interview for a teaching job in case you get a call right away. Who knows? Your letter might arrive around the same time the principal finds out that the school will have some open teaching positions very soon.

Additional Steps to Help You Get Hired

A letter of interest is similar to a cover letter, but the documents are not the same. While a cover letter is typically submitted with an official application for employment, a letter of interest is a way of letting a principal know that you'd like to be considered for positions that become available in the future. Sending this type of letter can help you get noticed when it's time to hire for the next school year, but you'll still need to reach out again once a job is posted. Check the school district's website regularly for vacancy postings. When a position opens up at one of your target schools, reach out to the principal again. Send a cover letter that references the specific opening, and another copy of your resume. You may even want to call and ask directly to be considered. Following these steps may help you land the teaching job of your dreams.

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Write a Letter of Interest for a Teaching Position to Get Noticed