20 Horrible Job Interview Outfits

short skirt

Interview...and a Drink?

No matter how flattering you think that suggestive outfit is, you don't want to arrive at your interview looking as though you're meeting your friends at a dance club for a drink immediately after the interview.

strangely formal

Funky Vibe Need Not Apply

Your fashion sense may be unusual, and you might think that makes you stand out in a crowd, but you should instead focus on fitting into a potential employer's culture. Keep your strange fashion combos at home and instead opt for a nice suit.

loud party dress

It's Not Party Time

Don't show up to your interview looking as though you just stumbled in from a night out.


Bare Kneed Hipster

OK, we get it - you're a hipster. That doesn't excuse the bare knees. Shorts are never a good option for a job interview.

sequin woman

Nix the Sequins

Sequins are not appropriate for a job interview. You want the interviewer dazzled by your qualifications instead of by your shiny shirt.

sloppy man

Slobs Don't Get Hired

Waltzing into your interview with a big stain on your shirt screams, "I don't respect you enough to clean up before I came here." Don't expect to get hired if you pull this move.

hipster woman

Uncover Your Head

Unless your interview is outside in the cold, a beanie hat is a bad idea. You might think it's cute, but your interviewer thinks it's sloppy and immature.

too tight jeans

Ill-Fitting, Ill-Prepared

If you have to squeeze yourself into your clothes, they're the wrong choice for a job interview.

goth woman

The Dark Side

Sometimes your personal style has to take a back seat to your need for a stable job. Stash your goth clothes away and suit up.

baseball cap

It's Not Baseball Tryouts

You can't cancel the fact that you're wearing a baseball cap on by shrugging on a jacket. You're not fooling anyone here.

dressed too young

Dress Your Age, Lady

If the dress you plan to wear to your interview would look cuter on your eight year-old niece, rethink your wardrobe choices.

ripped jeans man

Ripped Up

Ripped jeans are a constant no-no when it comes to any job interview. Just don't.

textured leggings woman

Go-Go Gal

If people ask you for a lap dance on the subway, your outfit isn't quite right for a job interview.

tuxedo man

Tone It Down

Sure, he looks great, but if you show up to your interview overdressed, you look like you don't understand the company's culture.

gym clothes woman

Gym Rat

Even if you spend all your spare time at the gym and wear gym clothes every single day, you're not going to impress your potential boss by showing up looking like you just finished up at spin class.

sloppy Hawaiian shirt

Aloha, Interview

Sloppiness indicates disprespect to the interview process. Keep your lazy-day clothes at home.

flip flops torn jeans

Torn Potential

Remember what we said about men wearing ripped jeans to interviews? The same goes for women: just don't.

goth man

Lestat the Unemployed

Your friends compliment you on your dramatic clothing, but your potential boss can't help but wonder if you drank a goblet of blood before the interview.

sunglasses indoors woman

Shady Applicant

Sunglasses indoors don't work for a job interview. Instead of looking cute, you look shady and pretentious.

sloppy man

Sloppy Mess

Have a look at yourself in a mirror before you leave the house for the interview. Do you look as though you slept in your car last night? If so, try a quick shave and run an iron over you clothes to help you impress at your interview.

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20 Horrible Job Interview Outfits