Career Options in Art

Mary Gormandy White

Art Career Options

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in art? There are many alternatives available to creative people who have a desire to work in the field of art. Find out more about the career options in art!


If you are a highly talented painter, sketch artist or sculptor you may be able to earn a living working as a professional artist.

Art Sales or Acquisitions Professional

Those who have an eye for art and business savvy may find it rewarding to work in an art gallery or in the acquisitions department of a major art museum.


Opportunities for those who enjoy photography include portrait photography, commercial photography, creative photography and photojournalism.


Those who have both artistic ability and marketing savvy may find opportunities to work as graphic designers, art directors or creative directors in an advertising agency.

Web Designer

Individuals who have strong computer skills to go along with their artistic abilities may want to pursue a career in web design.

Exhibit Curator

Working as a museum exhibit curator is an option for individuals who are interested in working in the field of art.

Visual Merchandising

People with artistic skills and a good sense of design may enjoy working as professional visual merchandisers.

Art Therapist

Individuals with a strong desire to help others through art may find it rewarding to pursue a career in art therapy.

More Art Career Options

These are just a few of the many options available to individuals who are interested in leveraging their artistic skills into a career. For more ideas on how you can put your creative skills to work, see List of Art Careers and List of Creative Careers.

Mary Gormandy White
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Career Options in Art