In-Demand Career Options in the Arts

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Pursuing a career in the arts can provide you with many options, especially those careers in demand. These careers offer you the opportunity to create art and get paid for doing it.

Writers and Authors

Writers and authors create original content for books, websites, magazines, and other forms of media. Writers are either freelancers or work as company employees. Authors are self-employed and work off contracts, selling their work to publishers and negotiating advances against royalties. Many authors are self-published. Both writers and authors use a computer for their work.

Education and Salary

Some writing positions require formal training with a degree in English, journalism or communications related field. However, a degree isn't required for many writing jobs or for becoming an author. Experience is the most valuable tool a writer has. The median annual salary is $62,000.

Musicians and Singers

If you are a musicians and/or singer, you will perform in front of live audiences in clubs, auditoriums, and concert venues. You may also find a career in various music industries that appeals to you, such as recording labels, movies, TV shows, radio, and others. Classical musicians and singers may find employment in a symphony, opera production company, or musical plays.

Education and Salary

There are no requirements for education or degrees, although many musicians and singers are classically trained and may have a bachelor's degree in music or related field. Most musicians and singers have spent years training to hone their art. The median hourly rate is $28.


A sculptor is classified in the (Bureau of Labor Statistics) website as part of Craft and Fine Artists. As a sculptor, you will create sculptures in various mediums, such as clay, marble, granite, copper, iron, and other materials. Your creations are in three-dimensions. You may exhibit your art in a gallery, museum or retail stores.

Education and Salary

You aren't required to have a degree, but many sculptors have formal training and may earn a bachelor's degree in art. Some become apprentices to learn from master sculptors. The median annual salary is $49,000.

Web Developer or Designer

A web developer or designer is able to translate their artistic abilities into a career that affords them way to create using modern technology. They develop and design websites for clients and/or a company website as an employee in the IT department. Some web developers and designers are self-employed and work in a variety of industries.

Education and Salary

Web developers and designers usually have a bachelor's degree in computer science, programming or related field. Some have various certifications for specific computer systems and/or programs. The median annual salary is $69,000.

Visual Merchandiser

People with artistic skills and a good sense of design may enjoy working as a professional visual merchandiser. You duties may include, planning and creating displays for commercial venues, such as retail window display, retail store floor displays, trade show exhibits, and other in-store displays.

Education and Salary

Most visual merchandiser have a degree in design, visual art or other related field. The salary can vary greatly depending on the industry, company, experience, and education. The median annual salary is $31,000. However, many visual merchandisers can earn as much as $50,000.


An actor studies a script and then acts out a specific character either a play, movie or television script. There are many venues available to an actor in the performance arts. You may find work in a studio, theme park or theater.

Actors performing a play

Education and Salary

There is no education requirement for an actor, although some do pursue a college degree. Many actors take acting classes to advance their skills. The median hourly pay is $17, unless you become famous and command high pay for specific performances.

Fashion Designer

A fashion designer creates unique clothing, footwear and accessory designs using form, color, textures, and style to convey an idea or artistic expression. You have many career options that include, your own label, apparel manufacturer, dance or theater company, etc.

Education and Salary

You'll want to earn a bachelor's degree in fashion or a closely related field. The median annual salary is $72,000.

Interior Designer

An interior designer creates aesthetically pleasing interiors that are functional spaces. You'll be responsible for selecting all décor items, space planning and may work with engineers, architects, and building contractors.

Education and Salary

You may earn an associate degree or a bachelor's degree in interior design. Some designers go on to earn their master's degree. Most states require licenses and/or certifications to conduct business as an interior designer. You'll also need to join the ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) after meeting specific professional and educational criteria. The median annual salary is $53,000. However, if you are self-employed, you may earn much more depending on your reputation, clientele and region.

In-Demand Careers in the Arts

These are some great career choices for anyone interested in leveraging their artistic skills into a career. Choosing a career path in the arts can have great rewards.

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In-Demand Career Options in the Arts