List of 10 Low Stress Jobs

Ten Low Stress Work Options

While people don't always agree on how stressful certain jobs are, some lines of work are generally considered to be less stressful than most. If you're considering seeking a professional opportunity with minimal stress, one of the following ten occupations just might be a great option for you.

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Massage Therapist
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Working as a massage therapist can be a low stress professional pursuit according to In this type of job, you will spend your time and energy helping others relax while working in an atmosphere designed to be stress reducing.

Massage therapists are often able to set their own work schedules, something else that contributes to reduced stress.

Medical Records Technician
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Working as a medical records technician is also listed near the top of the 2013 CareerCast listing of the least stressful occupations. People who do this type of work typically work in medical offices or hospitals, yet have limited patient contact. This type of work does not require much multi-tasking.

It is typically performed in a comfortable environment with limited distractions, to allow for workers to focus on accuracy.

Fitness Instructor/Trainer

Yahoo! Education includes working as a fitness trainer or instructor on its top ten list of low stress jobs, and a Fox News Report indicates that its one of the best careers for your health overall.

In and of itself, exercise is a great way to ward off stress, so it makes sense that a job that involves working out - and helping others do so - is one that can have low stress levels.

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Dietitians also perform work focused on health and wellness, factors that contribute to that profession's inclusion among the lowest stress jobs according to the 2013 CareerCast list.

Dieticians typically spend time helping develop healthy eating habits, making this profession one of the healthiest jobs in addition to being one with relatively low stress.

Speech Pathologist
More Details" includes speech pathologist in its listing of 12 jobs with both low stress and decent pay.

According to a study published in a 2002 Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders journal article, many people who work in the profession agree. The study involved a survey of speech pathologists working in school settings, and more than 80 percent of respondents described their job-related stress level as "barely noticeable."

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Working as a seamstress or tailor is near the top of the CareerCast annual list of low-stress jobs for 2013. People who choose this line of work get to use creativity in their jobs on a regular basis while performing work independently in what is usually a peaceful atmosphere.

Hair Stylist

The 2013 CareerCast list of low stress occupations also includes hair stylist. This type of work can be physically demanding since it involves constant standing and arm movement, but it also provides an opportunity be be creative and build personal relationships with customers

Web Developer
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According to US News Money, working as a web developer can be low stress. This line of work is one that allows a unique combination of creativity and technical skill. It's often possible to work a flexible schedule in this field, and home-based work is often possible.

Technical Writer

Business Insider indicates that working as a technical writer can be a low stress job.

Technical writers are able to work fairly autonomously and independently in most cases. They typically face deadlines as tight as many other professional writers, so the pressure level is manageable.

Freelance Writer

American Writers and Artists, Inc. reports that freelance writing has become a reduced-stress career of choice for people who are seeking alternatives to corporate careers. Freelance writing is also included on the list of 12 low-stress jobs with decent pay.

While freelance writers do deal with shorter deadlines than technical writers, they enjoy the satisfaction that comes from having a great deal of flexibility. They not only choose when and where to work, but also have the ability to decide what projects to accept.

Work-Related Stress

Personal preference must play an important role when choosing a job, especially if you are trying to reduce work-related stress. If being around other people stresses you out, for example, select an occupation that allows you to work independently. However, if you find working with computers to be tedious, avoid web development - even though that position allows independent work and is often considered low stress.

One person's stress may be another's dream career.

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