List of Careers in the Computer Field

Mary Gormandy White

List of Careers in the Computer Field

Are you looking for a list of careers in the computer field? There are many career options for people who like to work with computers, including those that involve working with hardware and software and positions that emphasize creativity and critical thinking (or both).

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write and maintain software applications.

Website Designers and Developers

Website designers and developers create and manage websites. Some jobs are highly technical and require programming skills while others focus more on the design aspects of website creation.

Database Developer

Database developers create database tables, queries, and reports that help the companies they work with easily access critical business information.

Network Administrator

Network administrators are responsible for setting up, maintaining and protecting wired and wireless network systems.

Computer Technical Support Professional

Computer technical support professionals provide guidance to end-users who are experiencing problems with hardware or software.

Computer Engineer

Computer engineers are involved in developing new technologies and applications that allow computer systems to work faster and more efficiently.

Computer Forensics Specialist

Those who work in computer forensics focus on recovery of lost or deleted information, often for the purposes of criminal investigations.

Computer Hardware Technician

Computer hardware technicians set-up, repair and troubleshoot computer equipment.

What Computer Field Is Right for You?

This list of careers in the computer field represents just a few of the many career options that are available. See Jobs for Computer Science Majors and Jobs in Computer Hardware to learn more.

Mary Gormandy White
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List of Careers in the Computer Field