List of Creative Careers

List of Creative Careers

Are you looking for a list of creative careers? If you are looking for a career field that will provide you with an outlet to put your creativity to work - and make a living doing so - here are a few ideas!

Advertising Copywriter

Working as an advertising copywriter is a great creative occupation for those who enjoy writing and who have an understanding of consumer behavior. Copywriters write print and broadcast advertisements, create brochure and newsletter copy, brainstorm catchy slogans and more.

Graphic Artist

If you are a talented artist with an eye for design and strong computer skills, you might want to consider pursuing a career as a professional graphic artist.

Event Planner

If you have a flair for pulling off parties and putting together celebrations for all types of occasions, consider pursuing a career as an event planner.

Cake Decorator

Do you like to create three-dimensional artwork and have a desire to help people celebrate special days in style? Working as a cake decorator might be a great option for you!


Do you have a way with words? Pursing a writing career might be the best option for you. Whether you become a features writer for a magazine, go to work for a web content company or focus your efforts on writing the great American novel, working as a professional writer can be very enjoyable and rewarding.


Do you love visual images and enjoy working with camera equipment? Pursuing a career in photography may be the best creative career option for you.

Computer Animator

Do you have outstanding computer animation skills? Consider going to work for a video game development company or a television network that produces animated programs.

Interior Designer

Do you like the idea of helping people furnish and decorate their homes? Consider becoming a professional interior designer.

Put Your Creativity to Work

These are just a few of the many, many options that can be included on a list of creative careers. For more suggestions, see 100 Best Careers and Best Jobs with Good Visual and Spatial Skills.

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List of Creative Careers