List of Environmental Careers

Environmental Career Options

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the environmental market sector? There are many options for people who want to turn their passion for science and environmental responsibility into a lifelong career, and opportunities abound for people with a wide variety of skills and interests.

Environmental Activist

Do you want to call public attention to current environmental problems and play an active role in getting them corrected? Consider going to work for an environmental advocacy organization like the Sierra Club, Waterkeeper Alliance or Greenpeace.

Environmental Educator

Want to help educate the general public about important environmental issues? Consider becoming an environmental science teacher or professor, or going to work for a nonprofit organization that has environmental education as a major part of its mission.

Sustainable Construction

Are you interested in designing or building sustainable offices or homes? Consider specializing in sustainable architecture or construction.

Environmental Regulator

Do you want to play a role in establishing and monitoring environmental health and safety regulations? Consider going to work for the Environmental Protection Agency or a state environmental management agency.

Environmental Scientist

Do you want to study the state of the environment and come up with ways to improve environmental conditions or to harness sustainable energy sources? Are you interested in collecting and analyzing samples or conducting research to discover environmentally friendly products and processes? If so, working as an environmental scientist might be an excellent option for you.

Environmental Technician

Are you interested in helping companies identify potential environmental problems? If so, you may want to consider working as an environmental technician. This type of work involves collecting air, water or soil samples and taking readings to determine the environmental impact of business processes and consumer habits.

Environmental Law Professional

If you want to get involved in fighting to ensure that environmental protection legislation is enforced, consider becoming an attorney or paralegal with a specialization in environmental law.

Fundraising Professional

There are a number of nonprofit organizations dedicated to fighting for environmental protection. These organizations rely heavily on donations and grant funding in order to accomplish their work. If you have excellent writing and public relations skills, you may find that raising money to advance environmental causes is an ideal career choice.

Preparing for an Environmental Career

Whether you want to become an environmental scientist, are interested in helping others learn to appreciate nature or have a desire to fight for environmental protection, there are many sustainable careers that may appeal to you. Consider enrolling in an environmental science, education, public policy or related college degree program to begin gaining the knowledge and academic credentials necessary to pursue your goals.

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List of Environmental Careers