List of Science Careers

List of Science Careers

Are you looking for a list of science careers? There are many career opportunities available to people who have a passion for science. Find out more about the many different ways that you can use your skills and science knowledge as the foundation for a successful career.

Prepare for Your Science Career

No matter what field of science you plan to work in, a college education is essential. While it may be possible to enter some scientific fields with an undergraduate degree in biology, chemistry or a related field, you typically need extensive graduate-level education. You may even need professional certification and licensure in some scientific professions.

Ecologist/Environmental Scientist

Do you want to put your love of science to work to help protect the natural environment? If so, going to work as an ecologist or environmental scientist might be a good option for you.


Do you have a passion for horticulture? If your ideal career is one that will enable you to work with plants, consider entering the field of botany.

Marine Biologist

Are you passionate about marine life? Do you enjoy research? If so, consider pursuing a career in the field of marine biology.


Do you want to help people by diagnosing and treating illnesses? If so, becoming a doctor may be the right career field for you. If you plan to enter this profession, it's important to realize that before you can practice medicine you will need to complete several years of post-graduate study followed by a residency.


Are you passionate about weather? Do you like the idea of studying climatological patterns and conditions for the purpose of making predictions? If so, becoming a meteorologist may be a great choice for you.

Medical Researcher

Do you enjoy laboratory research? Do you like the idea of searching for cures for diseases, creating new medications and identifying new treatment options? Pursuing a career as a medical researcher may be the ideal option for you.


Do you have a passion for chemistry? If you have a formal education in chemistry you could work in chemical manufacturing, product development and other similar professions. Becoming a chemical engineer is also a possibility.


If you're interested in becoming a pharmacist, you'll need to earn your Pharm.D. degree and pass the licensure exam required by your state of employment.

More Information on Science Careers

This list of science careers features just a few of the options available to individuals who want to pursue employment in the field. For additional ideas on working in the field of science, see:

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List of Science Careers