Second Careers for Teachers

Ideas: Second Careers for Teachers

Are you looking for ideas for second careers for teachers? Whether you are looking for a part-time job that you can do after hours and during school breaks or if you are searching for a career to pursue after retiring from your teaching job, there are plenty of options available.

Professional Tutor

Providing tutoring services is a natural second career choice for teachers. Consider working independently, registering with an online tutoring company like or applying to work for a local business that provides tutoring services.

College Instructor

If you have a Master's degree, you may be eligible to work as an adjunct instructor at a local college or university. You may also be qualified for a full time college instructor position with a community college or private career school.

Direct Sales Representative

Direct sales representative jobs can make excellent second careers for teachers as they allow for maximum flexibility. Consider working as a representative for Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Silpada Jewelry or other well-known direct sales company.

Merchandising Specialist

Many companies hire merchandising specialists to handle in-store promotions and product displays. There are full time and flexible, part-time opportunities to perform this type of work. Search for openings in your area via, the website for the National Association of Retail Merchandisers.

Freelance Writer

If you have strong writing skills, you may be able to earn an additional income working as a freelance writer. Websites like, and hire freelance writers to work as independent contractors. If you don't have enough experience to be considered for opportunities with one of these sites, consider signing up to write for a revenue sharing site like or

Museum Tour Guide

Working as a museum tour guide can be a great second career choice for teachers. Check with museums and other tourist attractions in your area to see if they add additional staff members during the summer and other school break periods if the idea of performing this type of work appeals to you.

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Second Careers for Teachers