Top Second Careers for Baby Boomers

Ideas for Top Second Careers for Baby Boomers

Are you looking for ideas of top second careers for baby boomers? There are plenty of opportunities for baby boomers to pursue full or part time careers after retiring from their primary occupations. Whether you want a second career that will allow you to use the skills that you acquired throughout your career or if you're ready to move on to something different, look for work that you'll find rewarding on a personal and financial levels. Here are a few ideas to help you get started!

Tax Preparer

If you like working with numbers and want to pursue a second career that will provide you with excellent opportunities for seasonal and year-round work, consider becoming a tax preparer. H & R Block and other companies that specialize in income tax preparation often run low-cost training classes for people who want to apply for these types of jobs.

Financial Advisor

Do you like the idea of helping others plan for retirement? Do you have strong sales skills and enjoy working with numbers? If so, going to work as a financial advisor might be a great second career option for you. This type of job is one of the top second careers for baby boomers who have experience in the banking industry and other occupations within the financial services sector.

Freelance Writer

Do you have strong writing skills? Do you want a second career that will allow you to work a flexible schedule from any location that you desire? It's possible to work as a freelance web content writer from any location where you have Internet access. To get started, begin publishing quality work on revenue sharing websites as a way of building a portfolio. Once you have some experience, you'll be ready to start looking for clients and applying for paying freelance writing jobs.

Professional Tutor

Do you enjoy working with young people? If so you may want to consider starting a second career as a professional tutor. You may be able to find a job working for an online tutoring company like or with a local Sylvan Learning Center or Lindamood Bell franchise. You may event want to consider starting your own tutoring service.

Home Healthcare Aide

Would you like to pursue a second career in healthcare? While most clinical healthcare professions require extensive education and training, this is not the case with home healthcare jobs. It is not necessary to have a degree to work in this field. Demand for home healthcare aides is high and it's possible to complete a training program that will qualify you to work in this field in just a few weeks.

Direct Sales Representative

If you like the idea of being in control of your schedule and earning potential and you have an entrepreneurial spirit you may want to consider becoming an independent consultant or sales representative for a direct sales company. There are many opportunities to start your own business with companies like Avon, Mary Kay, Discovery Toys, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware and many others.

More Second Career Ideas

These are just a few of the many possibilities for baby boomers who want or need to pursue a second career. For more career ideas, see:

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Top Second Careers for Baby Boomers