Top Stressful Jobs

Stressful Jobs

If you're in one of the top stressful jobs, you probably can work to develop some strategies to deal with it. But if you're planning a career move and don't want a job with a lot of anxiety, you might want to avoid these stressful positions - or at least be prepared.

Top Stressful Jobs

Enlisted Soldier

Soldiers are under significant amounts of stress especially if they are deployed to dangerous situation or war zones. They also cannot choose where their units are sent, which adds to the stress of the job.

Airline Pilot

Airline pilots have to manage take-off and landing of their flights; they also may have to make a quick decision at any time if an emergency occurs. Due to the number of lives that airline pilots are responsible for, many pilots experience a great deal of stress.

Police Officer

Being a police officer means that you will serve and protect the public. Each day, an officer may face dangerous situations and have to risk their lives to fulfill this duty. Police officers also may work long hours and shifts which can also add to the stress levels these public servants may feel.


There is pressure to break new and important stories so these people feel stress. Sometimes these reporters have to travel to dangerous situations to get the story and may put their lives in danger to report back to their readers and viewers.

Taxi Driver

Although being a taxi driver allows you to meet a variety of different people, there is a significant amount of danger and several unsatisfying elements as well. Customers may not be pleasant or want to pay the fare; the job often includes long hours and little pay. Adding to the stress level is the potential risk of crime.

Corporate Executive

Corporate executives are responsible for both the good and the bad that goes on in a company. Since there is significant money involved and multiple shareholders that have to be happy with the decisions and the direction of the company, this position can be very stressful.


Fighting fires and rescuing victims can be very stressful; they often have to put themselves at risk to perform their jobs. Firefighters may also have to work long hours if a natural or man-made disaster occurs. To deal with the stress of the job, many of these men and women have to develop strategies to cope with the stress of the job.

Emergency Medical Personnel

These people are often the first responders at tragedies and may see many unpleasant and sometimes unspeakable things. They may also have to work odd hours and may be on the frontlines at disaster sites. These factors can lead to significant stress.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents don't get paid unless they make a sale so they have to be on the lookout for their next transaction all of the time. Having to make connections with as many people as possible and the worries about money make this a stressful profession. There may also be some danger associated with meeting strangers in vacant houses alone. The difficulties within the real estate market over the past few years have only added to the levels of stress that real estate agents may feel.


Miners face danger each day when they enter the mine where they work; there is always the risk of a mine collapse which could injure or kill workers. Exposures from being in the mine itself may affect miners' health even into retirement. These factors lead to job stress.


With budget cuts, teachers have to stretch their resources further to teach their pupils. They have to keep up with the state and national testing standards for their students while making sure that the students feel safe and are learning things that are important. Teachers also have to report issues that they may see with their charges to the appropriate authorities. People who become teachers do this job because they love it, but they have to deal with increased stress levels.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers (ATCs) have to monitor the take-offs and landings of planes to prevent accidents. They use radar and radio to pass on information to pilots and other airport workers. ATCs also have to keep track of weather changes and other issues that may impact the planes. This job - for civilians or in the military -- can be very hectic and is considered one of the most stressful jobs in the world.


Although physicians make a significant amount of money, the job of physician can be an extremely stressful one. More and more research is being done about physician stress to try to find ways to manage it. A 2011 survey noted that 87% of all physicians are moderately to severely stressed on a given day. Factors contributing to this stress include patient care, insurance issues, administrative issues, work hours, and concerns about malpractice.

Coping with Job Related Stress

Whether you are in a job that ranks at the top of the stressful jobs survey or not, knowing stress management techniques to use in various situations is a valuable tool. In certain instances, laughter is a great way to reduce stress in the workplace. At other times natural stress relievers such as deep breathing exercises, aromatherapy, or taking a walk may be more appropriate.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself, as a healthy body has a better chance of effectively dealing with stress. Don't be afraid to acknowledge high levels of stress at your job and to talk with a trusted friend of colleague about your feelings, as this in itself will oftentimes help alleviate workplace stress.

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