What Career Is Right for Me?

Wondering What Career Is Right for Me?


What career is right for me? This is a question that everyone asks at least once in a lifetime. Many people change careers several times, so may find themselves pondering career options on numerous occasions. Here are some factors to consider when thinking about what careers might be ideal for you.

What Interests You?


When choosing a career, you have to spend time thinking about the types of jobs that are available in fields related to things that you are interested in. For example, if you have a passion for cooking, you may want to consider becoming a chef or preparing for a career in restaurant management or catering. If you love animals, you may want to consider veterinary medicine or fundraising for animal rights organizations.

What Do You Like to Do?


Since you're likely to spend quite a bit of time engaged in your occupation, it is important to choose a career that allows you with an opportunity to perform tasks that you enjoy. Does being around other people give you energy? If so, seek career opportunities that will allow you to work as part of a team. If you dislike math, avoid occupations related to finance and bookkeeping.

What Skills Do You Have?


If you want to be able to enter a new career field without spending a lot of time in school or a training program, it's essential to consider the skills that you already have when choosing a field. Make a list of your strongest skills and look for potential occupations that someone with your abilities is well-suited to pursue.

What Skills Would You Like to Acquire?


You may be ready to go back to school to train for a new career. If so, think about what you would like to learn how to do and consider occupations that require the types of skills that you would like to master.

How Do You Define Success?


Success does not mean the same thing to everyone. When considering career options, it's essential to consider what the concept of success means to you. Is it important to you to work in a profession that will provide you with an opportunity to help other people? If so, teaching and medicine may be outstanding options for you. Do you want to have an impact on public policy? Pursuing a career in government or politics may be your best option.

Where Do You Want to Live?


Geography is an important consideration when thinking about choosing a career. Some types of jobs, like healthcare occupations, are in demand in large and small communities in most locations. Others tend to be concentrated in specific areas. For example, the best job opportunities within the entertainment industry tend to be in California, and ski-instructor jobs tend to be concentrated in resort communities in cold climates. Look for career options that will allow you to live in the type of location that will make you happy.

Additional Information on Career Choices


What career is right for me? That is a question that only you can answer. Choosing a career is an important decision that requires reflection and careful consideration. LoveToKnow's Perfect Job Quiz may help you come up with a few options you hadn't considered. For additional tips and ideas see Career Change Advice, an interview with M.J. Ryan, author of AdaptAbility: How to Survive Change You Didn't Ask For.

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What Career Is Right for Me?