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How Can Volunteering Help You Get a Job?

How Can Volunteering Help You Get a Job?

Are you looking to gain a competitive advantage in the job market? It may sound counterintuitive, but there are a number of ways that volunteering can help you get a job. If there's a cause you care about and… Keep reading »

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Do you know what career fits you? Have you checked out all the job descriptions? Finding a job involves a lot more than just filling out applications and hoping that you are asked to interview for the position you want. Learn to identify and understand all the different variables that impact successful job searches. It could help you find that cool career you've been hoping for.

Finding a Career to Fit You

Not every career is for everyone. If you are a shy person, you might not want a job in customer service. Maybe you're looking for an unusual career to suit your personality. Whatever the case, explore the ways that you can find the perfect career for you.

Careers by Vocation

Looking for a job in the healthcare IT field? Want to become a postal worker? You've come to the right place. Learn all about the different seasonal jobs available or where you can find law enforcement positions on a contract. There are even job listings for math majors or English grads. Not only will you know where to start looking, but the jobs are broken down to ensure this is the right career for you.

Careers by Age

While age is just a number, it can really limit your career opportunities, especially if you are younger or older. However, don't lose hope if you're 75 or 16, there is a career out there for you. For example, kid's jobs might include working as a Disney channel actress. Teens might seek out summer jobs or part-time jobs with high pay. While it might be harder to get a job if you are older, career counseling is available to help you find a career that meets your needs.

Working From Home

Success can even start at home. You don't have to leave to get paid. Many full-time and part-time jobs from home are available like online tutoring. Learn where the jobs are, how to apply and even how to be successful in working from home. Working from home takes more drive and perseverance than you realize.

Using Job Search Engines or Posts

Got a career in mind? The first place to start looking is job search engines. Check out career search engines like Get tips on how to find a job on or how to send a sample resume with your app. In addition to learning how to use them, explore some of the top job search engine websites. You'll have a job finding arsenal that is sure to land you that job you've been eyeing.

Job Hunting Strategies

Are you on the hunt? Knowing where to job hunt in the 21st century can be hard. It isn't just about beating the pavement anymore. Beyond a stellar application and polished resume, you need to highlight your job training benefits. Don't have job training? Not to worry, you can find methods for getting job training.

Application Tips

When you're filling out endless job applications, you might wonder how to make yours stand out. Sending letters or answering application questions a specific way can make you sound like you know your stuff and impress your boss. Get the top tips for filling out job apps the right way. Employment is important, make sure that you shine.

Job Resources for You

Whether you need help figuring out what type of salary you should request, or you need creative ideas on conducting a successful job search, you'll find articles and resources that can help you. Learn more about what's involved with finding a job that matches your skills and qualifications and your career will take off.

Finding a Job